The Marketing and Consumer Research cluster brings together Indonesian doctoral students in the UK studying various issues within the field of marketing. Currently, cluster members have research interests in the areas of services marketing, digital marketing, industrial marketing, social marketing, relationship marketing, consumer behaviour, transformative service research, and consumer culture theory.

The ongoing research topics being explored include non-profit marketing practices, stakeholder management, social reproduction and mobility, dramaturgy, consumption rituals, halal tourism, social media marketing, marketing innovation, market inclusivity, text mining, and marketing in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

We welcome collaboration and idea exchange with external parties interested in these studies or topics mentioned above. We seek in-depth, critical, and open discussions on marketing phenomena, drawing from a variety of theoretical perspectives within the social sciences.

If you are interested in collaboration with this cluster, please contact the coordinator, Rizal Hari Magnadi, or co-coordinator, Joseph Robert Daniel.