Nia Kurniati Bachtiar
PhD in Management, University of Glasgow
Topik Penelitian: Developing Organizational Resilience Capability and Innovation in Uncertain and Complex Business Environment
Profil di Universitas:
Afiliasi: Universitas Muhammadiyah magelang
Bidang Keilmuan: Social Sciences and Management


  • Bachtiar, N. K., & Ramli, N. H. (2023). Resilience as Bottom-Line Strategy Towards Business Sustainability: a Review. In Proceedings of the 3rd Borobudur International Symposium on Humanities and Social Science 2021 (BIS-HSS 2021) (pp. 52–59). Atlantis Press SARL.
  • Kaukab, M. E., & Bachtiar, N. K. (2022). A Review of Business Model Transformation in Transportation Business Post Pandemic. Automotive Experiences, 5(3), 452–466.
  • Bachtiar, N. K. (2022). Motives of local people to (not) become entrepreneurs Evidence from Agats-Asmat, Indonesia. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 46(1), 45.
  • Raharja, B. S., Bachtiar, N. K., & Ab Aziz, M. R. (2022). THE BEHAVIOURAL DIMENSION OF SME’S OWNER ON AFFECTING THE FINANCIAL DECISIONS. Business: Theory and Practice, 23(1), 60–69.
  • Bachtiar, N. K. (2020). When Can SMEs Diversify? A Study of Growth Stage Model Analysis. Journal of Economics, Business and Management, 8(1), 30–37.
  • Suhaeli, D., & Kurniati, B., Nia. (2019). Why do (not) woman entrepreneurs jump into technology based business? Bizinfo Blace, 10(2), 95–109.
  • Bachtiar, N. K., & Amin, M. A. (2019). SMES’ GROWTH STAGE MODEL: A LITERATURE REVIEW AND DEVELOPMENT MODEL. Jurnal Analisis Bisnis Ekonomi, 17(1), 1–18.
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