Joanna Octavia

PhD in Employment Research, University of Warwick

Topik Penelitian:
The role of social media in the organisation and mobilisation of informal workers in Indonesia.




Bidang Keilmuan: Social Sciences



Octavia, J. (2021) ‘Networks of trust: accessing informal work online in Indonesia during COVID-19’, International Labour Review, Special Issue on “COVID19 and the World of Work”.

Octavia, J. (2020) Towards a national database of workers in the informal sector: COVID-19 pandemic response and future recommendations [CSIS Commentaries DMRU-070-EN]. Retrieved from

Octavia, J. (2016) Rebuilding Indonesia’s Industrial Estates [Policy Brief 16-01]. Jakarta: Centre for Public Policy Transformation.

Octavia, J. (2015) Unraveling Business Licensing Competitiveness in Indonesia: A Comparative Case Study. Jakarta: Centre for Public Policy Transformation.

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Interview with Bloomberg News: ‘2 Million Jobless Motorbike Drivers Show Covid’s Toll on Indonesia’s Gig Economy’ (29 December 2020).

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