Muhamad Rosyid Jazuli

PhD in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Public Policy di University College London

Topik Penelitian : Political Economy of Fuel Subsidy Reform in Indonesia.

Afiliasi : Paramadina Public Policy Institute


Website :  

Bidang Keilmuan: Public Policy



Jazuli, Muhamad Rosyid, Ine Steenmans, and Yacob Mulugetta. 2021. “Navigating Policy Dilemmas in Fuel-Subsidy Reductions: Learning from Indonesia’s Experiences.” Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy 17 (1): 391–403.

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Jazuli, Muhamad Rosyid. 2021. “Tantangan Kementerian Investasi.” KOMPAS, April 23, 2021. 

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